Here are some Factual aspects that make vehicle advertising such an attractive option for your marketing strategy.

Vehicle Wraps Gain Momentum - More companies are turning to vehicle wraps, or digital images on vehicles, as an alternative to billboards to advertise their wares. New digital printing technologies are enabling ad agencies to utilize more large-format graphics and vehicle wraps, according to Printing News. More printers are consequently investing in state-of-the-art digital technology to offer the service. Vehicle advertising can generate up to 70,000 sightings per day, while intra-city vehicle wraps garner more than 16 million impressions in a year.

1. Cost Benefit
One of the many benefits thats make vehicle advertising so attractive is the actual cost involved to produce a wrap. With Half or Partial Wraps and Full Wraps, RogueWraps has something for every business' budget.

2. Impressions
According to the Transportation Advertising Council, vehicle advertising generates between 30,000-70,000 daily vehicular impressions.

Unlike traditional forms of outdoor advertising, vehicle advertising goes to where the people are. Our vehicle wraps grab attention and gets the message to the highest visibility areas and most densely trafficked areas of you city or town.

A recent poll shows that:
90% of travellers notice graphics on wrapped vehicles.
75% of consumers form impressions about a company based on its fleet vehicles
30% of consumers base buying decisions on the impressions they recieve from company vehicles.

Vehicle Advertising reaches comsumers not exposed or lightly exposed to newspaper or televison. For instance it was found that people with long commutes are more difficult to reach with newspaper advertising; however 96% of North Americans  travel in a vehicle each week either as a driver or a passenger. A fair display advertisement is the yellow pages can reach the costs of $12,000 for just one year. In that common approach you have to wait for someone to pick up the right directory where you are listed, share space at all time with direct competitors and hope that the potential client will choose you from all the others listed. Besides, Most businesses in the same industry will be listed in the same pages, whereas with mobile advertising, Roguewraps delivers the information in a unique way to your target audience. Vehicle advertising reaches everyone without discrination.
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